A new look at seeing what's old: A family's past

I’m the inaugural author interview on the super website Time Travel Nexus! Their introductory comments called One Red Thread “powerful.” And their questions were insightful—ranging from how I came up with my unique concept of how time travel works to where in time I'd go if I had the power. Fun stuff to consider!

"It's an incredible blending of 'suspend disbelief.' "

Where was that church steeple Eddy McBride climbed in One Red Thread ? How about the gas station he watched so intently over his psychiatrist’s shoulder ?


DG Martin at WCHL-FM radio in Chapel Hill wanted to know, and in our interview last May I revealed all—or at least the locales inspired by Chapel Hill in this tale that blends past and present from my North Carolina childhood and my Texas home today.


We talked about a lot of things. Here are fifteen minutes focusing on the book.


Sci-Fi or Southern? It's a frequently asked question

As a tale of time travel, One Red Thread obviously has a solid footing in the world of science fiction. But people keep telling me it also stands in the tradition of Southern literature. Just before the book came out, I talked with my publisher, Tyrus Books, about this intentional mash-up of genres and how history is the foundation of it all.

ORT on NPR: Step back in time and hear me on KUT

My radio interview about One Red Thread aired for ten days shortly after publication as the featured "Arts Eclectic" segment on KUT-FM, the Austin affiliate of National Public Radio. And you can still hear it via streaming on the KUT website.


Host Michael Lee and I had a wide-ranging discussion about the novel, and he did a great job of editing it all down to a concise two minutes that capture my concept for the book and what's different about my time travel story.

Very strange, but writing's not my weirdest job

Ahead of my reading at The Wild Detectives bookstore (and coffee shop and pub and all-around cool place) in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, the store posted Q&A in which I revealed some personal favorites and strange happenings that sometimes relate to writing, but just as often do not.