When architect Eddy McBride, a fortysomething self-absorbed noticer of details and self-appointed seeker of truths, stumbles on a way to visit, watch and ultimately participate in events from his family history, he finds answers to long-ago tragedies and mysteries. His brother, run over and killed at age 12. A reclusive great uncle, emotionally wounded in his own boyhood. A woman drowned in 1906. An innocent man executed. But Eddy’s behavior and discoveries also unleash unhappy consequences of exploring the past on his present-day family and friends. And as Eddy's knowledge of history grows, he turns from curious seeker of truths to frantic fixer of mistakespresent, past and by those from the present who would change the pastas he follows a devastating trail of hurt, disappearance and death.

"Wood has an easy style and knows how to unravel a complicated tale that keeps your interest."

                                         Austin American-Statesman