I've written non-fiction books, documentary film scripts, newspaper and magazine journalism, and advertising. I've taught journalism. And now there's this novel. How did that happen? Simple, if writing's ever that way. I put to work all the skills I've acquired in those different kinds of writing. And I rolled together all those things I've seen and heard and learned that made me into me. I'm a Southerner (grew up in Chapel Hill, NC; in Austin, TX since 1984) with an outside perspective (majored in English Literature at Hamilton College in upstate New York). I'm a bit of an artist (an active printmaker, lapsed painter and one-time architecture graduate student) who could dream up a character who sees the world differently. A bit of a historian (co-wrote a university press book on architecture history) who could create a world back in time. A bit of a geek (pounding away on high tech marketing) who could figure out how to make people go back to that earlier world. Now it's all in there, woven throughout One Red Thread.

“ One Red Thread is a beautifully written story of time travel, and the arrival of a fine new voice.”

                             — Allen Steele, Hugo Award winning author