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  "You say to a brick, 'What do you want, brick?' And brick says to you, 'I like an arch.' "                                                                                                                                                  -Louis Kahn, Architect       


I make both linocut and woodblock relief prints, usually of landscapes or landscape fragments, that often combine the two printmaking approaches. In these combined works, I carefully choose the printing matrix, the materials from which I print, to explore the textures and abstraction that wood can add to an otherwise realistic linoleum image.

This combination reveals the core of my process: the handmade structure of the image in both the carving and the printing. Typically, the pattern of the wood grain and the size of the wood matrix determine the size of the final image, making the grain quite literally the structuring element of the print.

Final print - La Esquina.jpg
Layer 11 - Final.jpeg
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